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Britain By Car - A Motoring History


For many years a small fishing village, Skegness began to develop as a resort in the 1870s under the stewardship of the Earl of Scarborough who owned most of the land that now makes up the town centre. 

However, it was not until the arrival of the railway in 1873 that visitors began arriving in large numbers.  Skegness probably reached its peak of popularity in the 1950s and 60s when more and more holiday makers were able to reach the coast by car.

The Skegness to Boston Speedway

A 'super speedway' designed to rival the best in the world.

Parallel to the northern edge of the Wash, from Gibraltar Point (three miles south of Skegness) to Clay Hole (about four miles south east of Boston).

1929 - 1931

Skegness Speed Trials

The wide open beach at Skegness has been used for racing since 1905.

From Skegness, southwards, towards Gibraltar Point.

1905, 1906, and from 1923 to 1931.