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Madresfield Speed Trials

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 A pre-War speed trial, set in the grounds of a remarkable house.

Gloucester Drive, Madresfield Court, Malvern, WR13 5AH

1921 – 1954.

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The first speed trial at Madresfield took place in August 1921 on the mile-long drive running from the B4424 to Madresfield Court.  The event continued until 1931, and then returned for a couple of years in 1936.

After the Second World War, a number of cyclecar events were held at Madresfield by the Morgan Car Club, the last of which took place in 1954.  Today the grounds are used on an annual basis for driving tests by the Vintage Sports Car Club.

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Madresfield Court is a remarkable place; set in 4,000 acres of land, it is a private estate whose history can be traced back to the twelfth century, and which has remained in the custody of the same family throughout this period; the house has never been bought or sold.  It also interesting to note, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph, that Madresfield Court was designated, under emergency plans drawn up by the British government in 1938, as a possible refuge for King George VI and his family in the event of invasion or the serious bombing of London.

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