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Britain By Car - A Motoring History


Located about seven miles south west of Birmingham, Longbridge was, until the late 19th century, a greenfield site, named after a long bridge that crossed the River Rea as it flows towards Birmingham.

The Austin Village

An estate of some 200 pre-fabricated timber houses, built in 1917, to accommodate the growing workforce at the Austin Works in Longbridge.

Coney Green Drive, Central Avenue, Hawkesley Crescent, and Hawkesley Drive, Longbridge, B31.

Date 1917 – present.

The Longbridge Works

Once one of Britain’s largest car plants, home to Austin, BMC, BLMC, BL Ltd, the Rover Group, and MG Rover.

Bristol Road South, Longbridge Lane and Lickey Road, Longbridge, B31 2TB.

1905 – 2005.

MG Motor UK

A small part of the former Longbridge Works is now home to MG Motor UK Ltd, under the ownership of the Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation, China’s largest motor company.

MG Motor UK Ltd, HQ, Main Gate, Lowhill Lane, Longbridge, Birmingham, B31 2BQ.

2005 - present.