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Britain By Car - A Motoring History


Strictly known as Kingston upon Hull, the city stands on the north bank of the Humber estuary at the mouth of the River Hull.

The name is derived from the new town laid out by King Edward I (1239-1307) on the site of an abbey previously occupied by Cistercian monks.

The City’s history is built around trade and fishing, and it is today still a port of great importance.

The Humber Car Museum

A collection of Humber cars from the Rootes' period of ownership.  Although the museum is now closed, it is still possible, by prior arrangment, to see what remains of the collection (February 2020). 

c/o Regalex Ltd, Dalton St, Hull HU8 8BB.

1970s - 2018.

Streetlife Museum of Transport

A museum of local transport history, with a number of interesting motoring exhibits.

High Street, Hull, HU1 1PS.

1989 - present.