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Britain By Car - A Motoring History


A small village three miles north-west of Bourne.  Grimsthorpe Castle, situated about half a mile from the village, is a large country house set in a 3,000 acre estate.

The Castle has been in the Willoughby de Eresby family for 500 years; the family is one of three in England who still fulfil the hereditary office of Lord Chamberlain, the Monarch’s representative at the Palace of Westminster. Although still a private residence, Grimsthorpe Castle is open to the public for a number of days during the spring and summer.

The setting for an early motor trial, first organised by the oldest motoring club in Britain.

Grimsthorpe Castle, Grimsthorpe, nr Bourne, PE10 0ND.

1903 – c1923, and 2018.