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Britain By Car - A Motoring History


A London suburb, formerly in Surrey, about three miles south of London Bridge. Until the mid-nineteenth century, Camberwell was a large village, with some fine houses, situated on the outskirts of London.  In 1748, it gave its name to a butterfly – the Camberwell Beauty – first spotted on Coldharbour Lane, but now a rare visitor to Britain.

The arrival of the railway in the 1860s changed the area considerably, giving rise to a huge increase in population.  Today Camberwell is an area of mixed housing, with strong cultural traditions, particularly in relation to the arts. 


An attractive sports car, not unlike a small Bentley in appearance, developed by former Royal Flying Corps pilot, Capt DMK Marendaz.

1-3, Brixton Road, Camberwell, London SW9 6DE.

1926 -1932