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Britain By Car - A Motoring History


A village of medieval origin, situated on the River Wey, and now a suburb of Woking.

The village has a long association with motor racing and aviation due to its proximity to Brooklands.  The Byfleet Heritage Society lists Duncan Hamilton, racing driver, Hugh Locke-King, founder of Brooklands, and Leslie Hore-Belisha, a former Minister of Transport responsible for introducing the driving test, the 30 mph speed limit and the Belisha beacon, as former village residents.

The final resting place of John Godfrey Parry-Thomas, engineer, racing driver and holder of the world land speed record, 27th April 1926 - 4th February 1927.

124 Church Rd, Byfleet, West Byfleet KT14 7NF.

The church is thought to date back to the 14th Century.