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Britain By Car - A Motoring History


A market town in central Bedfordshire, and formerly a staging post for horse-drawn coaches. In June 1785, it was gripped by a great fire, which destroyed almost a third of the town.  During the latter part of the twentieth century Biggleswade almost doubled in size.  Today it is a centre for light industry and agricultural trades, and has been the home of Jordan’s Cereals since 1883.

Made by a company better known for its caravans, the first Berkeley was Britain’s only front-wheel-drive four-wheeled car.

Berkeley Cars Ltd, Hitchin St., Biggleswade.

1956 - 1961.

A short-lived motoring marque established by Dan Albone - a pioneering cycle manufacturer and the inventor of the first practical modern tractor.

The Ivel Cycle and Motor Car Works, Shortmead Street, Biggleswade.  (The Ivel Works and the Ongley Arms lay on a piece of land running down to the river on the west side of Shortmead Street at the junction with Sun Street.)

1899 - 1900 (motor manufacture).